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You can hear it from those who already used The Retailer

Great theme. I’ve had it for about a year now and updates are always timely and support is always quick anytime I have a question or problem. I highly recommend this theme.

— safinc

I wish I could give you 10 stars! This theme is way better than any other theme on ThemeForest. I have worked with all the leading themes and this is by far the nicest to work with. Purchased last night and now have a shop up and running in a few hours.

— goofydadog

Very well thought out design. Works on all platforms as expected. Love all the options that are available!

— soggypaddle

Simply an AMAZING theme. My clients LOVE IT 🙂

— Harrison Tsai Industries

Customization to tailor it to your particular business is an important quality and customer support is also important. Get Bowtied offered both. It’s one of the best themes for merchandise out there.

— Deb Chapin

Always up to date, cool design, a lot of features, one of the best customer support… there is nothing to complain about.

— cndrk

vJust in general this theme is great. Very comprehensive, covering all of the needs of a new store owner with some great support to help me along the way.

— Mike Moloney

Perfect features, beautiful looking theme. Definitely one of the best themes (and team) on Themeforest.

— jopgro

Amazing customer support. Always quick, efficient and straight to the point. Once you give them the info they need, they can help with all areas of the theme. The theme itself is well built and really easy to use. One of the best WooCommerce themes I’ve found. Highly recommend purchasing this theme.

— Jonathan Murphy

Beautiful, quite easy to configure and visually well-balanced. I’ve already bought it twice!

— jackbrain

Beautifully designed, user friendly and most importantly, outstanding support.

— belboschi

Firstly, I love this theme so much that I regret not having discovered it before wasting money on some useless theme that I first bought. The customer support has been amazing and in fact at some point, I thought “Is this support not too much for me?”, but can I say other than: Thank you for all you support so far. Love to all the team behind The Retailer and more strength to your elbow.

— Bigbroda

Documentation is great, overall use experience on the back end is fantastic.

— Info Chimera Project

This is such a wonderful theme. I love the design, the ease of administration and most of the all customer support. I know my way around WordPress, but I’m not very technical with some of the other points and I got quick help with every query from the great team behind this theme. Highly recommended!

— Basil & Ford

Excellent code, commenting clear code structure makes this theme a breeze when customizing. Love it!

— jenovski

This theme was a perfect fit for what I envisioned for my website and I haven’t had any problems with it to date. I must also mention that the after sales support has been fabulous.

— Ajay L.

It keeps getting updated! It’s better and better every time I look at the updates. This is the ultimate e-commerce/woocommerce theme.

— Client Grower

I couldn’t pick just ONE of the reasons on the list for my rating… I love the design of this theme, the custom-ability is fantastic, customer support is above and beyond, and it does everything I need it to easily and without paying someone else to do it! The upgrades are useful, powerful and conflicts are resolved quickly! I am very pleased with the product, the process and the people!

— shimmerlings

Great theme – very stylish and customizable. Nice foundation for any e-com based site!

— uncoeur11

The customer support is superb, they are very helpful and quick in responding to tickets! I’m glad that I made this purchase!

— Jesslynchew

Out of all the themes I have purchased, this is the only one that offers lifetime customer support. From day one, I have received quality and quick support from the team members and I am truly grateful they have been able to help me throughout the whole website building process. Thank you!

— Olympialau

First time using WordPress/WooCommerce and this theme has been easy to use and looks fantastic! Documentation is great too.

— Pininkie